MLS Mortgage Group

MLS Mortgage Group is a local, Minneapolis mortgage broker. We have partnered with REALTORS ® since the beginning to ensure a positive home buying experience. MLS Mortgage Group is passionate about community and "keeping it local". Studies have shown that when shopping local, approximately double the national amount stays in the local community - creating local jobs and income growth for our family and friends. For example, one study showed 32 cents per dollar stayed local compared to only 16 cents with the national competitor.

We are also focused on sustainability. We strive for green, paper-less solutions that save trees, including web-based applications and electronic signing. When papers are required, we purchase 100% Recycled paper from local, zero-waste Eureka Recycling. Our sustainable solutions result in savings that we pass directly to you.

Our passion for the community goes beyond purchasing locally. We also donate a portion of each closing to a local non-profit of our client's choice. Our clients are saying "I would recommend to others", that we're "Helpful", and "Looking out for my their best interest"; that we "share wisdom and experience".

Since MLS Mortgage Group is a mortgage broker, we have access to many different lenders with varying rates and programs. We find some of the best rates for your personal situation. Feel free to complete the "Personalized Rate Quote" form to the right receive a personalized rate estimate or call us direct at 612.789.5626.